Speedlite Workshop | Winston-Salem, NC

I’m so excited to announce my first class! As a fashion and beauty photographer, I love my strobes and my big modifiers. But when I first got into photography many years ago, and subsequently when I started to shoot weddings and portraits in the first phase of my photography career, speedlites and lightweight gear were my best friends. And even today, in a pinch, I can still supplement my gear with my speedlites when needed.

It’s so essential to learn how to use your flash, specially if you’re thinking about doing wedding or portrait photography. You just never know what kind of light you’ll have, so I always say over-prepared is better prepared. If you don’t like the light you HAVE, then it’s easy to create your own light once you know your tools. So here are the details.


When: October 5, 2014, Sunday

Where: The venue will be disclosed to the students beforehand

Time: Noon

How much: $75/student

Maximum number of students: 15

What to bring: your camera, your flash and note taking implements


 What we will talk about:

– Seeing the existing light and when to use flash

– Anatomy of a speedlite

  • Flash exposure compensation
  • High-speed, first and rear curtain syncs
  • Manual mode
  • ETTL mode
  • Ratios

– Using on-camera flash and modifiers

– Using off-camera flash and modifiers

– Hard wired versus wireless triggers/receivers

– The joys of using multiple speedlites

– Problem solving different scenarios with both on- and off-camera lights

I shoot Canon, and although I will be showing you with my Canon equipment, the functions of speedlites and lighting principles are the same. To make it easier for you, be sure to familiarize yourself with the locations of your speedlite controls by reading and/or bringing your manual. You will leave this class confident of what your speedlite can do and what you can do with your speedlite so that you can have more creative control of the images you create. Ultimately, the knowledge you take away will be priceless.


Does this class sound like it’s for you? There are only going to be 15 seats, so please register as early as you can by contacting me at kris@krisfulk.com.

PS. My main goal is to eventually host fashion/beauty workshops with models from local agencies and a whole creative team so that you can see/participate in an actual photoshoot. We’re starting from the very basic here in October, so if you’d like to stay in the know about future classes, email me and/or like my Facebook Page.